4-Terraces Hiking Tour

This tour takes place entirely in the Cordillera and as the name suggests, it includes visiting 4 rice terraces hotspots. Namely the

riceterraces of     

Banaue Batad     



Around Banaue, whose rice terraces have been included in the World Heritage List, there are several other very worth seeing areas that also have breathtaking rice terraces to visit. Particularly outstanding are the rice terraces of Batad.



After crossing the Batad saddle, you will have to walk for about half an hour to Batad. The last meters lead in a wide left turn into the village. Unexpectedly and with force, the sight of this enormous complex hits you as soon as you reach the outskirts of the village. In a curved slope with a length of about 2000 meters and a width of 1000 meters, the terraces are lined up closely. It is immediately noticeable that, in opposite to Banaue, all these terraces are still cultivated. It is unimaginable how much work is required for this. To get to the Tappiya Falls, which are located far below, you have to walk for about three to four hours (there and back) across the rice terraces.


Banaue essentially has a much larger area of rice terraces to offer. At the various view decks, this extent can be easily surveyed. However, about 50% of the rice terraces are hardly cultivated or „misused“ for vegetable cultivation.


The journey to Hungduan is a pleasure in itself. As usual in the Cordilleras, the road winds around the mountains, but in this area it offers a much better view of the dominating landscape. Almost behind every ridge, a new breathtaking terraced complex emerges, literally forcing you to make stops to capture what you see on your smartphone. Hiking enthusiasts can also head here for an approximately three-hour walk (round trip) to Bogya Hot Springs.


The rice terraces of Bodom-Ok are located in the Sagada area. After about a 15-minute drive from Sagada, the road descends steeply to the village of Fidelisan, where people still live according to ancient traditions. For example, in the center there is a building that only men are allowed to enter (!). Once you have reached the village, you continue steeply downhill and then cross the rice terraces in the middle extension of the terraced area to reach the Bomod-Ok waterfall. Again, almost all the terraces are still cultivated! A trip of about four to five hours in a beautiful landscape and with contact to very nice people.there and back