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AlvinHi guys, my name is Alvin, I´m your tour organizer. I was born in Jan.7, 1971. In  2008  we started Alvin´s Mt. Pinatubo Guesthouse & Tours and since then we brought  hundreds of guests up to crater lake.

As i grew up i already have an idea about the names of mountains in my surroundings. Mt Pinatubo is one of them. But i don´t remember him telling me that it´s a volcano. I guess they don´t have an idea back then. It was only later that we learned that it´s a volcano when our government bore holes on it and i think they were trying to convert it into a geothermal energy. The project was abandoned. The 5 holes now looked like chimneys.
Sometime around 1990 we used to have a pumice stone warehouse near Mt. Pinatubo (about 7km away) because my father works with the aborigines and we bought the stones from the aborigines.

During that time Pinatubo is already some kind of activity. There will be minor eartquakes/eruptions from time to time.
And i remember few months before the eruption my father told me to  help in evacuating the aborigines (using SARAO jeepney) who are living close to pinatubo. In June 15, 1991 the eruption of the century happened. It literally blew apart sending ash and rocks into the air 40km up and 300 m of the summit lost. Afterward a typhoon came and the situation got worse. I remember my father was on top of the roof with a shovel clearing mud, otherwise the roof will collapse.

Tour beginLost lives, lost property , lost livelihoods, but the most affected were the aborigines because it took some years before they can go back to their villages. There were no suitable land to grow crops again, which is their source of food and livelihood.

But now what Pinatubo have taken, it’s giving back because of the tourist coming in. GOD is good! The locals, even the aborigines, were given chances to be guides for tourists who want to experience Pinatubo Trekking and explore its surrounding environs.

I don’t want to keep you reading for too long, so I’ll stop now and hope that our videos and photos will generate enough interest in you for this destination, so that I can meet you in person someday.

See you soon
Your Alvin

Video of the trail

Views of the trail you won´t ever see with your own eyes!

We want to provide a better understanding of our tour for our valued customers by serving you more information about the landscape and the history of Pinatubo environment. To open the interactive panoramas, click onto the photo of the panorama you like to watch. After the panorama poped up you can zoom in and out, turn the poto around. Hotspots in the panorama links you to further panoramas or photos! Enjoy watching !
Overview map
An overview about the spots, where the following panoramas had been taken

Note: The red dots mark the route that is covered by the four-wheel drive jeep. The yellow dots mark the hiking route.

Sta. Juliana from birds eye view / 120 mt altitude

Santa Juliana
Santa Juliana is the place where all tours start from

A part of the trail heading to crater lake (1st panorama)

The first kilometer of the trail after leaving Santa Juliana

Fallout of ashes from birds eye view / 120mt altitude (2nd panorama)

Very impressive view of the fallout and how it creates a new environment

Fallout of ashes which you can’t see with your own eyes along the trail (3rd panorama)

Another impressive view of the fallout

Tambo Lake along the trail but can’t be seen from trailside 

Tambo Lake
This lake is very close to the trail, but can´t be seen

Pinatubo Crater Lake

Crater Lake
A view noone will be able to enjoy on its own, since boat trips meanwhile are strictly forbidden
Additional destination
Capas Shrine

If you drive to the starting point of the Pinatubo tour, Santa Juliana, you will inevitably pass the Capas Shrine.

You will have a better understanding of this memorial if you have visited Corregidor Island before. We offer a video of Capas Shrine.