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Over the years, we have created a number of videos of various places and areas to help you decide on your favorite destinations which you would like to see with your own eyes. Browse through our video library and enjoy the stunning landscapes in Central and Northern Luzon.

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This video is the most extensive of all and gives you an idea of how far our range extends in Central and Northern Luzon.
From its southernmost to its northernmost and its westernmost to its easternmost point.

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(not yet with voice over in english available)

The church is located near Pinatubo, and was covered meters high under the fallout of the blasted 300 meters of the mountain top when it erupted in 1991. Even today, one can see that the church has not yet been completely excavated.

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In this video you can see what you are being denied on the approach to the crater lake until shortly before you arrive. Only when you cross the hilltop, which previously blocked your view of the lake, you get this view. So nearly, because you are not able to fly on your own.

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This video shows perspectives that are not seen when you are on the way to the starting point (with a 4×4 vehicle) of the hike to the crater lake. It gives an impression of how adventurous the tour is.

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Taken in very strong and gusty winds, this 2018 video offers an impression of the islets that you can’t get from a boat perspective.

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Among the three places mentioned, Banaue is probably the most famous because of its rice terraces, which are said to be 2000 years old. But Bontoc also has a charming view to offer, as there are also smaller rice terraces around the small town. Bontoc is on the way from Banaue to Sagada, where you can view the famous „Hanging Coffins“.

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If you join the Pinatubo Crater Lake tour, you will inevitably pass this monumental World War II memorial. Visiting the former concentration camp is especially interesting if you have joined the Corregidor Island tour before.

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These waterfalls, known throughout the country, are inviting for a day trip because of their location. The way there is very adventurous and only possible with a guide.

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What makes this area in La Union so fascinating is that it has such a varied coastal geology. Predominant are cliffs and pebbles, picturesquely interrupted by sand. In Luna is the best restored Spanish watchtower located. One of formerly 13 along the coastline to the South China Sea.

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One of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Luzon, because of its countless palm trees that dominate this coast. Far from the tourist stream, which is why you hardly meet people here. Only at the two festivities – Easter and Christmas – it is like a beehive here, because then the locals come from Manila and the mountain regions.

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This is one of the most popular tours because it is entertaining and has something for all interests.

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In Paoay you find the most impressive spanish church of the Philippines. Remarkable the massive lateral buttreses.

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There are two videos of Magat Dam published.

1) Magat Dam is the largest dam in the Philippines.

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2) It is not only used to generate energy, but also for fish farming.

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We do have two videos of surfing:

  1. Shows the scenery in San Juan, Urbiztondo, La Union. The ideal place for beginners and advanced
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  2. Shows kitesurfers in Pagudpud. Exclusively for advanced and professional surfers!
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This course was created by a Swiss and serves his boys to practice. Some moments of training were captured here on video. Charming scenery, with talented young people.

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Following videos were produced by NLT

17 destinations among dozens

The video with the most detailed information

San Guillermo Church

San Guillermo Church, still partly covered today by the fallout of 1991

Pinatubo Crater Lake

A drone video that shows in part what you don’t get to see these days


A drone video of trail sections of the Pinatubo tour

100 Islands

A drone video of 100 Islands, in very strong wind

Pagudpud • Saud Beach

Miles of sandy beaches lined with palm trees, Saud Beach in Pagudpud

Banaue • Bontoc • Sagada

Sagada, Bontoc and Banaue in a short video from the bird’s eye view

Capas Shrine

A concentration camp in the Philippines

Tangadan Falls

The falls are very popular for day trips

Luna • Darigaos, La Union

Luna and Darigayos from the birds eye view, Noble Tower Beach Resort

Moto Cross in San Fernando, La Union

The private motocross course of a Swiss

Surfing in Urbiztondo

The surfing scene for beginners in La Union

Kitesurfing in Pagudpud

Kitesurfing for professionals in Pagudpud

3-days trip to the north

One of the most favoured tours

Fish Farms at Magat Dam

See how people living at Magat Dam use the water reservoir for fish farming

 Magat Dam

The impressive size of Magat Dam

 Paoay, San Agustin Church

Impressive views of Paoay , San Agustin Church